Cynicism + Tranquility

I simultaneously love and hate everything...I am Siddhartha Vicious, I am calmly fucking crazy, and I will eat you.

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 Carved water buffalo skullI depicting a raging battle between a skeleton army and a snarling dragon. Available at the Skull Store
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reminds me of Man Ray
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This juxtaposition of good and bad
Reminds me of the best and the worst dreams I’ve had
I’m either too happy or fucking sad
And I can’t keep up with that

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*tries to get eight hours sleep in 3 hours*

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California Bears by Alex Ramirez
Crust Punk Possum

hahaha so when I was in rehab we had to walk out to this parking lot to smoke cigs and late this one night like 3 possums just came out of these trees and stared at us with some serious attitude and it made me laugh so hard, I was like damn, these punk-ass florida possums…and that’s what this reminds me of
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I understand, all right. The hopeless dream of being - not seeming, but being. At every waking moment, alert. The gulf between what you are with others and what you are alone. The vertigo and the constant hunger to be exposed, to be seen through, perhaps even wiped out. Every inflection and every gesture a lie, every smile a grimace. Suicide? No, too vulgar. But you can refuse to move, refuse to talk, so that you don’t have to lie. You can shut yourself in. Then you needn’t play any parts or make wrong gestures. Or so you thought. But reality is diabolical. Your hiding place isn’t watertight. Life trickles in from the outside, and you’re forced to react. No one asks if it is true or false, if you’re genuine or just a sham. Such things matter only in the theater, and hardly there either. I understand why you don’t speak, why you don’t move, why you’ve created a part for yourself out of apathy. I understand. I admire. You should go on with this part until it is played out, until it loses interest for you. Then you can leave it, just as you’ve left your other parts one by one.

Persona (1966)
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I love how Dublin is an old yet young city.
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Mister Finch new fungus collection March 2014
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